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I carry a little Kodak DC290 3 MP digital camera around with me pretty much all the time now. It's just a snapshot camera -- but I'm an inveterate snapshot taker. Friends, relatives, sights I see on the road, bits of Downtown Oakland, Berkeley, the daily grind, travel snaps -- things like that. Nothing special, but that lack of specialness -- and the lack of artistic (and physical) heft that goes with it -- sometimes makes it easier to capture a life or a place or a feeling than with the larger cameras.

The following is a small collection (forty or fifty or so images) of the sort of things I've taken with this camera since I bought it sometime early 2000. Every image is of a place or thing or person or event that has or had some sort of special significance for me. The places and backdrops range from Berkeley through Boston to Sydney and all sorts of points in between. Unfortunately, I've left a lot of the people shots out, because I typically don't get permission to do this from them (a pity really -- the people shots are some of the most suited subjects for this format). The snaps don't really fit into the main Pandemonia site, but they probably give you some idea of how I see the world (or not). The only editing or manipulation I've done to the images is resizing them to a uniform 1008 x 675 pixel size (yes, you'll need a lot of bandwidth here...), and playing with the brightness and contrast / colour balance controls. No cropping, even.

I've set things up to shuffle the order you see the images in each time you visit this page, mostly because I can never make up my mind on any sort of ordering for the images. Besides, the shuffled version probably throws images up in all sorts of interesting juxtapositions that I wouldn't have the imagination to do myself. You can reshuffle the image sequence by hitting your browser's reload button; while viewing a sequence, please use the Next or Prev buttons I've provided below the image, otherwise JavaScript may lose its tiny mind and send you somewhere else.

And while I pretentiously like to think the images speak for themselves, if you really want to know more about an image (what it is, what it means to me, etc., ad nauseam), you can click the "Info" button, which may or may not provide more context in a JavaScript pop-up window. The title is always visible in the browser status bar whenever you mouse over the image.

To see the images as intended, you probably need to use a screen setting of at least 1100 x 800, and your browser set to maximum size (with the various toolbars collapsed), and you'll probably want a decent network connection. Plus you'll need JavaScript and frames.

And remember: this is very much a work in progress, and things may change overnight. I'll definitely be adding snaps every month or two.

[Go!] -- start snapping...

[Note: My snaphot camera died some time ago unfortunately, so this is all there's likely to be until I get a new one in the distant future -- HR, 2003/11]

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